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Experienced And Passionate Legal Representation Our Los Angeles County attorneys believe that everyone accused of a crime should always get the best representation. This is why we go the extra mile to get your case dismissed or reduced.
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Experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney – Affordable & Best Criminal Law Firm Getting Your Charges Dropped or Reduced All Over LA County Courts

Our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer welcomes you to our website. We are dedicated to aggressively defending you or a loved in all types of crime offense charges. We are aggressive Los Angles criminal defense attorneys with many years of experience handling cases like yours. Individuals who are suspected to be involved in any form of crime that instigates fear and unrest in others could be arrested first to assist in an in-depth investigation. If there was any probable cause or evidence that points to the individual as an offender, the police would make an arrest as soon as possible with an arrest warrant if strong evidence is gathered despite its volume. Over-zealous arresting officers who forget to exercise these rights may find their efforts futile as offenders could walk away free when their rights have been violated.

Los Angeles Criminal Attorney – Bail Postings and Court Hearings is Next in a Criminal Matter

A criminal suspect is expected to appear in court within 24 hours where a judge sets bail and assigns an attorney to assist the suspect with the tedious legal proceedings. Arraignment hearings would be conducted in a couple of days or weeks depending on the court schedule. Criminal suspects may choose a plea of:


  • Guilty
  • Not guilty
  • No-contest

The prosecutor prepares evidence at the preliminary hearing before a judge who would evaluate all presented evidence carefully before placing the accused on tiail at the Superior court. Many criminal cases could be resolved via plea agreements to speed up the proceedings and penalty intensity. Defendants or prosecution could request a lighter sentence depending on the agreed plea on the case. Otherwise, trials and hearings would be scheduled where offenders leave their fate in the hands of the law with a jury of common residents.

Choosing The Right Experienced & Best Criminal Defense Law Firm For Your State or Federal Case Is Very Important

When you are charged with a crime in Los Angeles County it is very important that you hire the right criminal lawyer to defend you.

Here are some qualities to look for when hiring a defense law firm:

  • They are licensed to practice in California
  • They are caring and compassionate
  • They have experience handling similar cases like yours
  • They will handle your case personally
  • They have the personality that it takes to win cases like return calls on time, update you, and have ethics
  • They have strong reputation among judges and prosecutors
  • Look at reviews and testimonials
  • Have they had great result for similar case

As you can see it is very important to do your research and make sure that you are comfortable with the lawyer who will represent you.


Types Of Cases We Handle

Our Lawyers handle all types of crime offenses in California. Here are just a few of them.

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